Eva Lara Underwood

Eva Lara Underwood was born in Manila. She finished Secretarial at Philippine Women's University, and also graduated from St. LukeĀ“s Hospital as a Nurse. Later, she went to the United States where she was an undergraduate in English Literature at Columbia University New York and at Hunter College.

In 1950 she met her future husband Edward on a voyage on a ship when he was returning from Shanghai to the United States.

Edward F. Underwood

Edward Franklin Underwood, a Jewish Canadian, studied economics and graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University New York in 1946. Being dedicated to stock brokerage business already during his studies he later on came to Manila as a specialist for speculative raw materials for the Philippine Manufacturing Company.

After returning to the USA in 1953 he joined Ira Haupt & Co. where he was responsible for forecasting and analysing of price movements in commodity futures and stock markets. His weekly stock market letter, the "Technical Outlook", became the official market letter of the firm and was widely read and frequently quoted by newspapers and magazines, such as Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Newsweek. He eventually opened his own stock brokerage in Europe; and even after he has retired his experience in financial markets made him a sought-after consultant in the financial industry, for many years.