1. Contact with Recommending Institution (RI). Application forms and comprehensive information about all matters in connection with the application procedure are available at the RI, only.
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  2. Submission of the application. The completed application form including all required documentation must be filed with the RI within a period stipulated. 
  3. Decision of the Foundation Council. The Foundation Council is the supreme body of THE EDWARD AND EVA UNDERWOOD CHARITABLE FOUNDATION. All decisions in connection with the award of scholarship are exclusively reserved to the Foundation Council.

  4. Information about results. The information about the decision of the Foundation Council is available at the RI only. Applicants must contact the RI if they wish to be informed about the decision of the Council.

  5. Realisation of awarded scholarship. Upon being informed about the award of scholarship, all documents and materials as required for realisation of support must be submitted to the RI within a period stipulated.