Recommending Institutions

Recommending Institutions.

To allow better access to the scholarship programme provided by THE EDWARD AND EVA UNDERWOOD CHARITABLE FOUNDATION also for applicants residing in the far flung areas, the Founders, Edward and Eva Underwood, decided to establish so-called Recommending Institutions (RI). The RI are cooperating partners located in the Philippines, Canada and France. Being familiar with local customs and conditions, they officiate as our “experts in situ“, allowing to better understand the situation of applicants in due consideration of local circumstances. 

All information is available at the RI only. The contact persons there are familiar with the entirety of rules and standards. This profound knowledge of all procedural steps enables them to exhaustively answer all questions not only in connection with the application process, but also concerning the realisation of support upon being awarded scholarship by the Foundation Council.

Scholars are advised to refer to the RI nearest to their place of residence. This facilitates communication with the RI and provision of assistance, if required.

For contact details of the RI nearest to your place of residence, click on the national flag of your country.